Arc3 Company History

Machine & Welding Company

The Machine & Welding Company opened its doors in 1925 as a machine shop in Dunn, NC.  The company initially specialized in welding and metal working services for farmers, nearby textile mills, and other local industries.

The business eventually grew to four shops serving rural markets in eastern NC. As the business grew, the company realized that their customers were also looking for a trusted source of high-quality industrial gases and welding supplies.

The new gas and welding supply offering grew rapidly to a point in 1954 when the Machine & Welding Supply Company was formed as a separate, sister company. In 1990, the last of the repair shops was closed. Machine & Welding Supply Company, under the guidance of four generations of the Aldredge family grew to 24 locations and 240 employees, all providing exceptional service to the industrial markets of North and South Carolina.


Arcet Equipment Company

The Arcet Equipment Company was established in 1946 in Richmond, VA as a full-service welding supply distributor. Through expansion and acquisition, Arcet grew to 22 locations and 220 employees, specializing in providing high-quality welding supplies and services to the industrial markets of Virginia. For three generations, the families of Dillard, Ellen, and Tepper have been instrumental in the management of Arcet.


Joining Together to Become Arc3 Gases

On October 1, 2013, the two companies joined forces to become Arc3 Gases, becoming one of the largest independent welding supply distributors in the United States. Why merge? The simple answer – we are stronger as one than we were as two. With a shared belief in the value that an independent distributor brings to its customers and the marketplace, we are well-positioned to forge ahead and continue to grow our special approach to doing business.


Creating the Arc3 Gases Brand

The name? “Arc” obviously identifies with the welding industry, the “3” relates to our core values of loyal employees, valued customers, and maintaining family traditions, while “Gases” is a reference to our growing capabilities in the industrial, specialty, and beverage gas industries.  

Our vision moving forward is to build upon the legacies established by Machine & Welding and Arcet, and to ensure that our like cultures of dependable service, technical expertise, and “after sale” service are maintained and improved.

Arc3 Gases knows that great customer service begins with great employees. Our primary goals are to provide all team members with a positive working environment and ample growth opportunities. We will also strive to continue our mutually beneficial relationships with our valued suppliers, who are among the finest in the welding and related industries.

Two great companies are now one – Arc3 Gases – ready to provide our customers with excellent products and deliver exemplary service from our experienced and dedicated employees.